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The Internet Trifecta Part Two: Interracial Pornography And Cuckoldry

In the billion-dollar Internet porn network, interracial sex is a hot commodity. The majority of so-called interracial sites tend to showcase white/ black sex, with Asian and Latino sex acts being categorized separately or on different sites. Most sites focus on either white men with black women or black men with white women, but what is often unclear is the race of those producing the images.

On the Internet, black-white sexuality is fetishized, an erotic spectacle that individuals seek out. As one Web site states, “your interracial prayers have finally been answered.” Interracial sex is marketed as a fetish or specialty sex act like shemales, gangbangs, animal sex, foot fetishes, and sadomasochism, among many. The black-white sexuality performed online, like black-white couples in society, are under a dominant gaze, which posits same-race, heterosexual couples as the norm.

Not only is black-white sexuality marketed as a specialty act, but the sex acts and scenarios draw from historical images and beliefs about blacks and interracial relations. One major theme is the “cuckold genre,” where the images and stories involve white men’s wives having sex with black men. For example, at (subtitled Interracial Slut Central) the feature states, “Meet Amanda a Pregnant bored housewife has been fucking young black stud while hubby is away!” Note how the only raced person is the black man, whereas the wife and hubby, who are presumably white, do not need to be racially marked. This depiction of white women and black men appears in many of the sites dedicated to black-white porn. Another site features the caption, “My wife loves BLACKMEN . . . and she loves to make me WATCH while she has sex with them.” Some even play on slavery images, using the language of “slut wife/slave and black master,” which distorts the historical realities of white masters raping black women. For example, one site uses cartoon images, with one very graphic and stereotypical depiction of what they call “A Black Breeding Girlfriend,” a cartoon image of a pregnant white woman giving a black man oral sex while a white male servant watches with his penis chained. Yet in these sex fantasies (which mainly seemed to be produced by white men for white men), it is the white women who are raped or who willingly submit to sexual acts with black men. Some sites offer private parties for those interested in interracial sex, such as Cynara Fox’s First Interracial Gangbang, which features porn star Cynara Fox (a white woman) and Amber, “a regular [white] bored housewife,” having sex with multiple black men. The site claims they are so popular that the “Interracial Gangbang crew” has begun booking private parties.

Beyond the white slut wife theme, the imagery of young pure white women being seduced by big black men is prominent. For example, numerous sites feature captions such as “innocent college girls get fucked by massive black cocks.” Many of these interracial porn sites focus on white teens engaging in sexual acts with multiple black men, with captions such as “going black.” Again, the race of the white girls is not mentioned, while the blackness of the men is emphasized. Many of the sites feature stories to accompany the pictures. In particular, one site promises “black cock sucking sluts,” and the webmaster writes stories to accompany graphic pictures: “ I know I’m going to hell when I die. . . . But I can’t help it. . . . I love to film these cute girls fucking and sucking these fucking huge black cocks. . . . A friend of friend that told me that ‘she prefers black guys.’” This site is produced by a white man who says he has an obsession with seeing and filming white women with black men. All of the captions that accompany the pictures are derogatory and often racialized.

Furthermore, these racialized and sexualized images are similar to the historical incidents where white men argued against racial integration and equality because it would lead to black men having sex with white women. What is apparent on these sites is that black-white sexuality is not the norm. Most important, these sites draw from dominant images of black men as sexual threats with large penises and of white women as weak and unable to resist black men.